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Where to Start

Welcome to the State Treasury website. If you're having trouble deciding where to start, check these frequent topics and link suggestions to see if one applies to you.
Frequent Questions

I have a question about the
functioning or services of
the Treasury itself.


Try the "About Treasury" tab, which has a list of State Treasury divisions and boards. If you do not see a service on that list, it is possible that another agency or department handles that service.

I have a question about the
State budget (either revenue
or taxes).


Although the State Treasury does not manage the State budget, there are links in the "facts & figures" page to help you find this information. Check the Oregon Transparency website for budget and revenue information.


I have a question about my
own personal state taxes.

The State Treasury does not collect taxes. Contact the Oregon Department of Revenue

I want to search for my
unclaimed property.



The State Treasury helps the Department of State Lands to hold unclaimed property in trust. You can search for your unclaimed property by name at the Department of State Lands website. If you find property you believe is yours, you will need to verify that with the Department. 

I want information about the
Oregon 529 College Savings


The College Savings Program phone number is 503-373-1903, and the website is here.


I want to find out about federal
stimulus or the Economic
Recovery Act.

The federal Treasury -- not the State Treasury -- manages the economic stimulus. At the state level, the funds are managed by the Governor's Office.

I want information about the
State's investments.



The "facts & figures" page on this website leads to investment information. You can click on "Funds Under Treasury Management" to see a list of funds that Treasury manages. Click subcategories for more detailed information.

I want information about the
State's bonding.




The Debt Management Division handles the State's bonding and other borrowing (but not local government bonding).  For additional information, check the following reports: