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​About the Oregon Facilities Authority

Please visit​ to learn more about how the Oregon Facilities Authority (OFA) helps nonprofits and the public, and for meeting records and  application materials.

The OFA is the Oregon state agency that helps nonprofit organizations access low-cost financing for capital projects through the issuance of tax exempt conduit revenue bonds.

OFA was created by the Oregon Legislature in 1989. Since inception, it has issued more than $3.7 billion in bonds.

Interest on these bonds is exempt from federal income tax and state personal income tax. As a result, qualified organizations can achieve lower borrowing costs by partnering with OFA to finance their capital projects.


2017 Meeting and Application Dates

2018 Meetings and Minutes

Feb 28        Informational Session​
​Feb 12        Cancellation Notice
Jan 8           Cancellation Notice 

2017 Meetings and Minutes

August 14    00. Working Agenda.pdfAgenda 8-14-17
​July 10          Meeting Notice​     Agenda Book​  
June 22         Informational Session​  
June 12         Meeting Notice    Agenda Book      
May 8            Minutes​  ​   
April 10          Minutes​  ​  
March 13       Minutes  ​    
Feb 22           Informational Session​  
Feb 13           Cancellation Notice  
Jan 9             Minutes​  

2016 Meetings and Minutes 

Dec 12          Minutes​​  
Nov 16          Informational Session  
Nov 14          Cancellation Notice  
Oct 14           Minutes​  
Sept 20         Minutes   
Sept 12         Minutes  
August 8       Cancellation Notice​       ​  ​

 Annual Reports

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The Oregon Facilities Authority ("OFA" or "Authority") is affiliated with the national organization: The National Association of Health and Educational Finance Authorities.
For more information on this organization, as well as access to its most current quarterly newsletter, NAHEFFA:

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