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The Private Activity Bond Committee helps facilitate the construction of critical facilities for the public benefit in communities throughout Oregon. Certain types of privately owned facilities such as airports, boat docks, affordable housing, or other economic development projects, provide significant benefits to the communities they serve. When the construction of a private facility would provide important public benefits, the project can often be financed using tax-exempt bonds. Doing so reduces financing costs and can play an important role in making such projects possible.

Federal tax law limits the amount of tax-exempt debt that can be used for these purposes in each state. The Private Activity Bond Committee is responsible for examining proposals and determining which projects most deserve this federal assistance.

Committee Members

  • Laura Lockwood-McCall, Chair & Designee
    Office of the State Treasurer
  • Jean Gabriel, Designee
    Oregon Department of Administrative Services
  • Dan Anderson, Public Member


Meeting Dates, Agendas, & Minutes

​ 2019
October 16
​July 17
​April 17
January 16

​ 2018

​November 5 Special Meeting ​​Minutes​
​Octo​b​er 17​ ​Cancelled
​July 18 Minutes
​April 18 Minutes Speaker.jpg ​
​January 24 Minutes Speaker.jpg 


December 19 Minutes
​​Oct​ob​​er 5 ​Cancelled​
July 12 Minutes
​April 12 Cancelled 
​January 25 Minutes

​ 201​6

​October 12 Cancelled
​August 11 - Special Meeting Minutes
​July 13 ​​Minutes
​May 12 - Special Meeting ​​Minutes Speaker.jpg 
​April 13 Minutes Speaker.jpg
​January 20 Minutes  ​


October 14 Cancelled
​July 15 Cancelled
May 28 - Special Meeting​ Minutes Speaker.jpg
April 15 Minutes Speaker.jpg 
February 25 - Special Meeting Minutes​
January 21 Minutes Speaker.jpg
​​   ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​