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The Debt Management Division of the Oregon State Treasury provides several key services directly to the State, and to other State Agencies.

The State Debt Policy Advisory Commission (SDPAC) tracks Oregon’s financial health and protects Oregon’s credit rating by informing state officials about the amount of debt the State of Oregon can prudently inc​ur. Without the ability to borrow money through bonds, it would be nearly impossible to finance critical infrastructure projects that provide important public benefits to multiple generations of Oregonians. However, borrowing too much would endanger Oregon’s ability to meet its obligations and jeopardize the state’s credit rating.

Private Activity Bond Committee 

The Private Activity Bond Committee helps facilitate the construction of critical facilities for the public benefit in communities throughout Oregon. Certain types of privately owned facilities such as airports, boat docks, affordable housing, or economic development projects provide significant benefits to the communities they serve. When the construction of a private facility would provide important public benefits, the project can often be financed using tax-exempt bonds. Doing so reduces financing costs and can play an important role in making such projects possible.

Rules and Fees

The Debt Management Division charges fees for several of our services.  This section contains a listing of all fees​ charged to other State Agencies related to bond transactions.​

Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Exemption (IRMA)

The State of Oregon is posting an IRMA Exemption List​ relative to state programs with the intent that market participants may provide advice regarding municipal financial products or the issuance of municipal securities and utilize the independent registered municipal advisor exemption from the municipal advisor definition i​n Securities and Exchange Commission rules.​