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Services for Local Governments

The Finance Division provides administrative and operational support activities for the Oregon Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP), a part of the Oregon Short Term Fund (OSTF), is a short-term cash investment vehicle for local governments' idle cash.  The primary objective of the LGIP, in priority order, are preservation of principal (safety) liquidity, and return on investment (yield).  The Investment Division invests the cash in the LGIP.  For more information about the LGIP, click here.

In addition to those services provided via the LGIP, local governments can also access a variety of additional services via the Oregon State Treasury, including:

  • Debt management services including technical expertise, overlapping debt reports, the Oregon bond calendar and the Oregon Bond Education Center.

  • Helping to connect local governments with resources for public works loans though the Infrastructure Finance Authority.

  • Regular newsletters to keep officials informed about treasury business, regulatory changes and public fund performance.

  • The State Treasurer’s office also protects the assets of public institutions from the risk of depository failures through the Public Funds Collateral Program.