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The Oregon Intermediate Term Pool (OITP) provides qualified participants with a vehicle to invest funds over a long-term investment horizon. The investment objective of OITP is to maximize total return (i.e., principal and income) within stipulated risk parameters. OITP is not appropriate for funds needed to cover short-term (Less than 1 year) needs. OITP is not structured to provide 100% net asset value (NAV) on each participant’s initial investment therein. Accordingly, OITP participants may experience gains or losses on their OITP investments due to changes in market conditions. Funds invested in OITP should able to withstand greater price volatility to achieve returns often associated with longer-term investments.

The Oregon Intermediate Term Pool is actively managed to maintain a short duration through a diversified portfolio of investment grade quality fixed income investments as prescribed in the portfolio guidelines. Based upon historical market performance, it is anticipated that returns over extended periods will be greater in OITP than in shorter maturity alternatives such as the Oregon Short Term Fund (OSTF).

Oregon State Treasury (OST) investment staff will achieve the investment objectives through active management of the portfolio with the objective to meet or exceed the Bloomberg Barclays 3-5 Year U.S. Aggregate Index.

This pool is not structured to provide 100% net asset value on each participant’s initial investment at all times. Due to interest rate changes and market movements, it is possible to lose money by investing in OITP. For consistency with the portfolio’s total return objective, the value of each participant’s investment will be determined on a proportional basis to the net market value of the entire portfolio.

Shares in OITP represent a divisible interest in the underlying securities and are not federally insured or guaranteed by the U.S. Government, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, any federal agency or the State of Oregon. OITP has not been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Qualification Process  

A state agency may qualify to invest in OITP by completing the requirements listed below. Confirmation of completion of each requirement should be provided to OST investment staff at OITP@ost.state.or.us​.

​a.  ​​​​OITP is an eligible investment for the agency’s surplus funds per ORS.

​b.  Existing Account with the Oregon Short Term Fund.  

c.  Following documents completed: 



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